Jueves 25, febrero, 2016

Lagriculture argentine : rvolution technologique, transformation agro-industrielle et impacts territoriaux

The aim of this article is to analyze the economic impacts on the location and the density of the production network resulting of the structural changes in activities that are mainly based on land exploitation and subsequent industrial chains. While specific reference to the Argentine case, these dynamics can be extended to productions of Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and partly Brazil. The changes in the production structure are part of the technological paradigm shift experienced by the agricultural and livestock production in recent decades. Its manifestations are the verticalization of production (and the spread of outsourcing of activities), the existence of new operators (agricultural companies, contractors, suppliers of inputs, etc.) and the dominant figure dissociation between agricultural enterprises and the owner of the land.

The new mode of production organization’s epicenter to the figure of dynamic professional employer as a manager/organizer of several farms throughout the territory, which applies a high percentage of productive factors that he contracts in the market. All these changes resulted in different business strategies with impact on the location of activities.